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Air Conditioning Tips

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We have hot summers in Lawrenceville, GA. If you want to stay cool, then we have plenty of tips that can change the game for you. Having a great air conditioner by your side is the best foundation for a cool warm weather season. We’re a team you can rely on because:

  • We’re committed to the best customer service.
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If there’s ever anything that’s going on with your air conditioner that requires more than tips, our professionals are here to help. We’re a team that understands the importance of professionalism and prompt work. We’ll make sure you’re cool when it counts and we’re here “When Your Comfort Needs to Be Just Right.”

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AC Maintenance Schedule

The number one thing you can do to protect your investment in your air conditioning system and keep it running for a long time is to adhere to a regular AC maintenance schedule. That means keeping up with maintenance on both the do-it-yourself level and on the professional level. For your part, you should clean the vents regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a damp rag. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and changing the filters.

Finally, schedule an annual maintenance visit with our professional HVAC company. All these things will keep your air conditioning system running strong.

Get a Digital Thermostat

For maximum comfort and efficiency from your central air conditioning system, have a digital thermostat installed. These new models are much more precise than their analog predecessors, allowing you to attain the exact temperature you desire.

They also feature programmable timers, so you can set the system to be used less during times of the day when it is not needed, such as when no one as is home. The convenience of being able to do this automatically is a big plus, and it saves money because less energy is wasted. You can even take it one step further by setting up a zone control system throughout your home.


Proper insulation plays an important role in home cooling and heating. With the wrong type of insulation or not enough insulation, cooled air can leak out. The result is wasted energy and unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioning system.

Make sure your windows are properly sealed to keep cooled air inside. Have the insulation in your home checked to ensure its integrity. Keep doors to the outside and into unused rooms closed, so that air does not escape into these spaces.

Air Conditioner Sizing

One frequent error homeowners make when choosing a new air conditioning system is getting one that is the wrong size for the space they have. They often wind up getting a window unit, mini split system or even a central air system that is either too large or too small. This causes problems, either with the unit not being able to keep the home cool enough, or with energy being wasted. Therefore, make sure to size your air conditioner properly by consulting with a professional who can accurately measure the space you need to cool.

AC Investment

If done properly, all these tips will help keep your air conditioning system running well for many years. Maintenance will keep it clean and enable you to have small repairs completed as needed before they turn into big and expensive problems. A digital thermostat reduces wear and tear on the unit by not running it when it is not needed, as does having an appropriately sized system. Proper insulation helps on both of these fronts as well.

Keeping your home cool costs money, but there are definitely ways to keep the costs down, both in terms of monthly utility bills and the ability to avoid the expense of repairs or replacement.

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