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Air Handlers in Lawrenceville, GA

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The air handler is the component in your heat pump that’s in charge of doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to your comfort. We’ll get your installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services right at Wall Heating & Air Conditioning because:

  • Our team is preferred locally—ask your friends and neighbors about us!
  • We’ve worked in Greater Gwinnett County since 1990.
  • Our technicians are loyal, hardworking, and dedicated.

We’re a team that stands out from the rest because we care about our customers. We’re always going to get it right no matter what it takes.

Contact us for service for your air handler in Lawrenceville, GA.


Turn to Us for Professional Air Handler Installation

Typically, an air handler is installed with your entire heating or cooling system. This allows our professionally trained technicians to ensure that the air handler installation is matched to your HVAC system correctly, and that it is appropriately sized for your home.

Whether you are having an entire system installed or replacing just the air handler component, however, you need a professional on your side to help find the right air handler to meet your needs—it must match the capacity of your air ducts as well as the square footage of your ducts, among other factors. The formula we use to ensure proper sizing is essential to the heat transfer process for your cooling and heating systems.

We Perform Air Handler Maintenance Too

Like any part of the HVAC system in your Lawrenceville, GA home, the air handler needs routine maintenance in order to work effectively and efficiently as it is meant to. We provide the vital maintenance your air handler needs to perform at its best through our Club Maintenance Plan.

This maintenance plan includes two precision tune-ups, priority services, discounts on repairs and replacement, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plan, including the steps our pros take during this service to ensure that your air handler, and the rest of your HVAC system, works as well as it should throughout its entire lifecycle.

Does Your Air Handler Need Repair?

How can you tell if you’re in need of air handler repair? One of the most common indicators is that conditioned air is not being evenly distributed throughout your home. You may also hear strange sounds like clanging or grinding, which can indicate there’s a problem with the motor. Repair needs are also commonly uncovered during your maintenance appointment, which is another reason it’s so important to schedule these on a regular basis.

When you do need air handler repair, don’t hesitate to give Wall Heating & Air Conditioning a call! We are available 24/7, since we know that no emergency happens at a convenient time, and we’re the Lawrenceville, GA experts in air handler services. We look forward to making sure that yours is providing you with the comfort you deserve. 

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