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Humidifiers in Lawrenceville, GA

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Having proper comfort at home is all about balance. If you’re looking to improve home efficiency and comfort, then we suggest considering a humidifier. Your indoor humidity balance should be anywhere from 30% and 50%. If it drops below 30%, you’ll notice your home feels dry, full of static, and colder. The Wall Heating & Air Conditioning professionals can rectify this with our services.

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We can install, repair, replace, and maintain humidifiers. We’re more than happy to inform you along the way as well. Our commitment to excellence backs everything we do.

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Home Humidification Options

Wall Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full range of humidifiers to work with any home heating and cooling system. We can help you maintain optimal humidity levels throughout the year, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. Call us today for the best humidifier options in the Lawrenceville area.

Indoor Humidity Control

Modern homes are designed and built to be energy efficient. The indoor air is exchanged with outdoor air only through the heating or cooling systems. Opening the windows can help balance the humidity inside the house with the humidity outside the house. But through much of the cooling and heating seasons we keep our windows closed. That makes the humidity level of the indoor air susceptible to the effects of the cooling and heating system.

Air conditioners cool the air inside the house and remove some of the humidity, but not as effectively as a dehumidifier. Heaters and furnaces draw moisture out of the air, and quickly make it very unpleasant and unhealthy, particularly in a well-insulated home. Plus, during heating season, lack of humidity can also force you to use more energy because dry air feels cooler.

Take Control of Indoor Air Quality

Fortunately, the humidity level can be easily adjusted with a humidifier. Whole-house humidifiers come as stand alone units or they can be integrated with your home’s forced air heating or cooling system. Humidifiers integrated with the forced air system are supplied with water directly from the house’s plumbing supply. You set the humidistat level where you want it at the beginning of the heating season and let the unit take care of itself. It automatically adjusts the humidity to compensate for the dryness produced by the heater.

Humidity Specialists

Choosing the right humidifier depends on the size of your home, the type of central heating and cooling systems installed, and other factors. Wall Heating & Air Conditioning can evaluate your system and help you pick the right humidifier for the job. Central humidifiers cost less than you might think and they can make a big difference in your comfort and health. If you live in the Lawrenceville metro area and you’d like to discuss your humidifier options, give us a call today.

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