Can a High-Efficiency Furnace Be Installed in the Attic?

question markThe short answer to this is “yes!” But there are definitely some factors to consider, which we’ll get to below.

We know, the typical place you’ll find a furnace in any home is the basement. But, not all homes have basements. These homes typically have floor furnaces placed in a closet or in the garage area. This is fine, except that it takes up a lot of usable space.

Therefore, attic furnaces have started gaining more popularity. Whether it’s a good idea for your home or not will depend on a number of factors, which we invite you to consider.

The Most Efficient Methods to Heat Your Home

cute dog under the warm grey blanketWe may not get the frigid temperatures here in Lawrenceville that other parts of the country gets, but given how hot and muggy our summers get, our winters can certainly seem pretty chilly! As a result, we’re always grateful for the use of effective and efficient heating systems. But is yours working as efficiently as it could be?

The first step in ensuring that it is, in fact, performing efficiently is scheduling maintenance. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time! We advise that you have this service done by a professional Lawrenceville, GA HVAC contractor once a year for your heater. We typically recommend this service be done in the fall, before you need the system the most, but that matters less than having it done consistently. Maintenance isn’t the only way to improve the efficiency of your heater, though! Keep reading for some more tips.

Don’t Let Your Heater Scare You: Heed These 5 Signs of Disrepair

Keep silence. Scared woman covering mouth with hands while posing to camera on gray studio background. Shocked girl close lips with palms, speak no evil conceptWhen winter rolls around, the last thing you want to do is worry that your heating system can break down at any moment, right? Of course, the best way to avoid this is by scheduling routine maintenance for your heater. During this service, our technicians comprehensively inspect and clean your system, noting any signs of disrepair and alerting you to them.

If you skip maintenance, or if you haven’t had maintenance done yet this year, then you’re at a higher risk for sudden system breakdowns and higher repair costs. But the sooner you repair your system, the lower your monthly bills will likely be. So, spotting signs of a heater in disrepair is a good idea. How do you do so?

Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

Shocked and surprisedHere’s what would happen in a perfect world. You’d turn on your furnace, and a few minutes later you’d hear the familiar whirring of the fan within the system. The reason it takes a few minutes is because the heat exchangers actually have to heat up from the burners, and the fan won’t start going until that happens. Once you hear that whirring, though, you’re satisfied knowing that comfortable warmth is about to come flowing into your home through the vents.

Other than this familiar noise, you shouldn’t expect to hear much else from your furnace or heating system. But what if you do? What if you hear strange or very loud noises coming from the system itself, its ductwork, or the vents in your home? Well, then it’s about time to call in our pros for furnace repair in Lawrenceville. In the meantime, we’ve offered some insight below into what may be going on when you hear the particular noises we’re about to name.

“I Need a New Heater, What Size Should I Get?”

young-woman-shivering-cold-seasonWith winter almost upon us, right now is not the most fun time to be shopping for a new heater. Still though, here you are. You probably wouldn’t be reading this post if you weren’t already in need of a new heating system. And you’re probably pretty tempted to just go run out and buy the biggest one you can afford.

But this would be a mistake. There are a number of factors to consider when buying a new heater, such as its energy rating, whether it would be most efficient to get the same type of heating system you’ve always had, and yes that’s right—size. It matters a lot more than you may think.

Why Tune-Ups Are So Vital for Gas Furnaces

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.Our short response to this is going to be, “tune-ups are vital to ensuring that your gas furnace doesn’t become dangerous.” Keep reading to learn more.

Truth be told, maintenance tune-ups are one of the most important furnace services in Lawrenceville you can get. Now, if a gas furnace posed a health threat to your home in general, they wouldn’t be installed in so many throughout the country. And they are the most popular type of heating system. You can rest assured that current standards for gas-powered furnace manufacturers place an emphasis on maintaining safe operation. They’re designed with a number of safeguards in place, like a limit switch that prevents a furnace from overheating.

But no piece of equipment or appliance that is powered by natural gas can ever be 100% problem-proof. And although you shouldn’t constantly worry about using your gas furnace during the winter, you should take the appropriate measures each fall to keep up your system’s safety record!

How to Prep Your AC for the Off Season

An air conditioner unit outside a brick home in a residential neighborhood. The air conditioner is in a back yard in the hot summer season. Service industry, working class.You may still be using your air conditioner a little bit here and there, since fall can certainly pull out unexpected heat waves. But in the coming weeks, we’ll be just about ready to turn off our AC system in favor of our heaters, until next spring.

We do want to mention how important HVAC maintenance is, both for your heating system and your air conditioner. Heating system maintenance is typically recommended around this time of the year, while AC tune-ups are recommended in the spring, before you’ll need your system for the long term.

But aside from maintenance, there are other things you can to do to care for your HVAC system, and prevent Snellville AC repair and heating repair. For instance, did you not that if you just shut off your AC and leave it until you need it again, it can accumulate damage over the winter that can jeopardize its functionality and efficiency? Our community might not get as chilly as other parts of the country this winter, but winterizing your AC system is still important.

AC Installation: Why You Should Consider Going Ductless

Air conditioner blowing cold airWith fall here, you may be looking forward to turning off your AC for the season and enjoying the time between cooling and heating season—known in the industry as the shoulder season. But, how did your air conditioner perform this summer? Was it as efficient and effective as you hoped it would be?

How about your heater, was it in good condition last spring?

If either of these systems, or both, is struggling and you’re considering an HVAC system replacement, now is the perfect time to get it on your schedule. Not only will this be more convenient for you (you don’t have to worry about a disruption to your comfort), but your HVAC technicians will be more readily available for the job. After all, this isn’t a purchase you want to rush into—you want to get matched with the right HVAC system for your specific home and needs.

That being said, you’d do well to at least consider ductless air conditioning in Lawrenceville! But, are they worth the hype? We believe so, for the following reasons:

“How Often Do I Change My Air Filter (And Why)?”

man holding air filterOne of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system on your own, is change out the air filter on a regular basis. Simply put, the reason for this is because a clogged air filter will cause a number of problems for your air conditioner (or heater). These problems can include:

  • A severe drop in energy efficiency since the blower motor will strain against the obstructions in the filter.
  • Potential damage to the interior of the HVAC system due to dust and dirt infiltration.
  • A general decline in comfort throughout your home from insufficient airflow.

“But,” you may ask, “How often do I change the filter?” Read on, friend!

Will I Need a Humidifier This Winter?

Digital humidifier with ionic air purifier at home interiorIt may seem early still to be talking about this, but it’s good to think about now before you actually need the equipment to comfortably make it through winter. And we get it, if you have a fully functioning, efficient heater, you might think that’s all you need to get through a chilly winter.

But a good furnace or heating system is only a small part of the equation when it comes to keeping your home as comfortable as possible in the winter. You’ll also want to consider your Lawrenceville, GA indoor air quality. Dry air can be not only uncomfortable—with our home heaters not helping the problem at all—but it can be unhealthy as well. If you’ve ever considered the installation of a humidifier, or even if you never have, now is the time to look into its benefits!