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Dehumidifiers in Lawrenceville, GA

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One of the biggest complaints we hear about our Lawrenceville, GA weather is its humidity. If your home feels like a swamp on a warm day, then a dehumidifier is the missing piece in your home. Our professionals can install, replace, repair, or maintain your humidifier.

  • You can count on us for superior customer service.
  • We’re a local team that always views you as a person rather than a number.
  • We’re a friendly team that understands the importance of giving our customers the right information.

We’re committed to being there “When Your Comfort Needs to Be Just Right.” It’s why we have the best expertise around and we do everything possible to ensure that your humidity is balanced.

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How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

These indoor air quality systems function similarly to central air conditioners—in fact if you have a central, forced-air AC unit then it does have some dehumidification properties, but not enough to make a real difference to the comfort levels in your Lawrenceville, GA home.

A whole-house dehumidifier system installation is integrated directly into your HVAC system, and uses a refrigerant coil to absorb both heat and moisture. It removes the moisture down a drain, and then reheats the air so that it won’t interfere with the functionality of your air conditioner, bringing your indoor relative humidity down to a more acceptable level.

What Are the Benefits of a Dehumidifier?

There are a number of ways in which a whole home dehumidifier will benefit your living space.

  • Increased Comfort: We mentioned this above—excessive humidity makes warm temperatures seem even hotter. The lower moisture levels that a dehumidifier creates enable our bodies to release heat faster through the skin, helping us to feel cooler.
  • Better Air Conditioner Efficiency: Since drier air helps you cool off faster, you’ll be able to raise your air conditioner’s thermostat, which will help it shut off sooner and not work as hard during our long summer days. This results in lower utility bills.
  • Water Damage Prevention: The increased amount of moisture in your Lawrenceville, GA home during the summer means an increased risk of water damage, and that leads to the development of mold and mildew. A whole-home dehumidifier eliminates this risk, making your home and the people living in it healthier.

Contact Us for Your Dehumidifier Services

Just like any other important home appliance, your dehumidifier needs to be well cared for. This means scheduling maintenance to ensure that it’s operating as it should in conjunction with your HVAC equipment, and also staying on top of any whole-home dehumidifier system repair needs that come up.

Our highly trained and experienced team is here to help with any repair work you may need on this complex indoor air quality product. A broken dehumidifier is certainly not something to trust to an amateur for repair. Give us a call right away—we provide 24/7 services for your convenience. 

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