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Rooftop HVAC Units in Lawrenceville, GA

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Rooftop units are effective because they’re out of sight and out of mind while they do vital work. If you’re looking for a great unit, then our professionals can provide it for you. We can also perform all the installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services you’re looking for as well. We’re able to do this because…

  • We’ve worked in Lawrenceville, GA since 1990.
  • Our dedicated professionals care about their craft.
  • Everything we do is backed by our integrity.

We’re proud to say that we can be here for you “When Your Comfort Needs to Be Just Right.” We’re comprehensive professionals so we’re always going to take your commercial property and budget into consideration as well.

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Professional Rooftop Unit Installation

Rooftop HVAC units are built to last. But they can only hold up to that if they are professionally installed by a team that has extensive experience in commercial spaces, as we do. Our technicians will make sure that your rooftop unit installation is done correctly: that it’s appropriately sized and matched to your specific commercial space.

If you’re wondering if a rooftop unit installation is right for your business or commercial space, consider these benefits:

  • Rooftop heat pump units are designed to offer both heating and cooling with the simple adjustment of the thermostat.
  • Rooftop units, so long as they are professionally installed and routinely maintained, are highly efficient and can lower your heating and cooling bills.
  • Rooftop unit maintenance and repairs are less invasive than with other systems, since our technicians won’t have to access the inside of your space to service them.

Do You Need Rooftop Unit Repair?

When your commercial HVAC unit stops working as it should, the last thing you want to do is replace it, especially if it’s not that old of a system. Fortunately, our team is well-equipped to manage any rooftop unit repairs you may need. Signs of a rooftop unit in disrepair include uneven heating and cooling, strange noises coming from the system, or low airflow coming through vents.

Of course, if the system has reached a certain age, then replacement might make more sense than paying for another rooftop unit repair. These systems are designed to last about 10–15 years. If it’s older than this and you find yourself calling for repairs pretty frequently, then you should probably consider replacement.

Invest in Rooftop Unit Maintenance

An investment in a rooftop unit maintenance plan is an investment in your business, really. Because when your rooftop unit is well cared for, it will last longer, promising increased comfort to your building’s occupants as well as lower repair costs throughout the year.

During your commercial HVAC maintenance appointment, our staff will thoroughly inspect your rooftop system for any signs of disrepair. We’ll also clean it and adjust any components that need it. This will help the system operate as efficiently as possible, and help you fend off emergency repairs, and even premature replacement.

When you become a member of our comprehensive maintenance plan, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits too, such as repair discounts, priority service, and discounted diagnostic fees. Contact us today to enroll in our program, learn more about the benefits you’ll receive, and keep your rooftop unit in the best condition possible. 

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