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How IAQ Installations Can Help With Allergy Season


As winter comes to a close, many people are looking forward to springtime with excitement and delight. But for allergy sufferers, springtime means more than just warmer weather and pretty flowers blooming. It means itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny noses. It’s just not fair! You should be able to get excited about springtime just like everybody else. What can you do?

One major solution is to keep the air in your home as clear and free of pollen as possible. That way, you’ll breathe easier at home, sleep better at night, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. We’ve got some great air cleaner options that can improve your IAQ—that’s indoor air quality—and improve your well-being during allergy season.

Mechanical Air Cleaners

When we use the term mechanical, we mean a process using force and movement. In this case, it’s using the movement of air caused by your HVAC system to force that air through filters. Air filters have many folded or fibrous layers which capture small particles and trap them so they cannot keep circulating throughout the air of your home.

There are portable versions of air filtration systems. These sit on your floor or a countertop, plugged into the wall, and pull air through as best they can. While they work well in a small, contained space like an office, they won’t make much difference to the overall air quality in a home. 

That’s why we recommend a whole-house air cleaner in Lawrenceville, GA, which is installed in the ductwork of your HVAC system. Every bit of air that passes through your ducts and out your vents will have to pass through the filter. This makes a huge difference, drastically cutting down on the particles in your air.

Electronic Air Cleaners

While filters can make a big difference, some of the smallest particles will still make it through. That’s where an electronic air cleaner can save the day. These systems have an additional process that the air must go through after it passes the filter. 

An electrical field charges the remaining particles in the air, and then a metal plate with an opposite charge attracts those particles, and they become stuck. They’re unable to get free and float out of your vents, so you won’t have to breathe them in. 

Lasting Benefits

In the springtime, it’s the tree pollen that really gets you in Georgia. Ash, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut trees all have pollen that causes significant symptoms for allergy sufferers. But as seasons change, allergens change, and your air cleaner will keep working, protecting you from summer’s grass pollen and autumn’s ragweed.

In addition to allergy relief, you’ll find that these systems can cut down on everything from headaches to illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria, because all types of particles are trapped within them. Your home will even smell fresher, because particles from your trashcan or bacteria from your teenager’s dirty sneakers will also be captured and eliminated. 

When you’re ready to breathe easier, we’re ready to help improve your indoor air quality.

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