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When a Cooling System Won’t Cool: What to Do

woman-sitting-in-front-of-fanApril in Georgia may as well be August in any other part of the country, right? What we mean is that… we’re already dealing with hot temperatures! This means we are using our cooling systems on a daily basis. If you’ve noticed something wrong with your cooling system already, it’s cause for alarm. For example, did you discover a drop in cooling power, or a lack of cool air coming from the system?

Obviously you know this is an issue. The last thing you need is something that doesn’t function any better than a standard fan, circulating warm air throughout your home. You’ll want to call for professional repairs—and in the meantime we’ve shared some insight into what might be causing this very frustrating issue.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

This might seem like a problem that’s really easy to avoid and a mistake you wouldn’t make, but hang tight with us. There have been times where an HVAC professional will show up for a service call regarding an air conditioner problem, only to discover the thermostat was in the wrong mode, or the thermostat was set by someone else in the home who has different cooling preferences. So be sure to check the thermostat first and foremost!

A Tripped Circuit Breaker

Like the above mentioned example, this “problem” has an easy fix. If the circuit breaker that goes to the indoor unit trips, then you’ll know because the air conditioner won’t cycle on at all—you won’t hear the fan. But if the circuit breaker is for the outdoor unit only, then you’ll still hear the indoor fan and other components running, but the compressor and refrigerant won’t be doing their job. Therefore, any air you feel coming through the vents won’t be cool.

Check your electrical panel to see if any circuits have tripped in your electrical panel. Go ahead and reset them if so, and see if this solves the problem. If it does, but only temporarily, you might still have a problem so please do give us a call.

Refrigerant Leak

If your air conditioning system is losing refrigerant, it’s definitely time to call a professional for repair. There’s a fairly common misconception about refrigerant—in that it’s something that “runs out,” like gasoline does from a car. However, refrigerant is actually recycles throughout the air conditioners’ lifespan, ideally.

And this refrigerant is essential for the air conditioner to remove heat from the air and provide cooling to your living space. Refrigerant doesn’t run out, as we said, but it can leak out, and this is a common issue for aging air conditioners.

Unfortunately, when refrigerant levels do decline, your air conditioner loses its ability to cool. Worse than this, it puts your compressor at danger of overheating and burning out as a result, which is a big repair need, and oftentimes a reason to replace the entire air conditioner altogether.

To get in touch with a reliable HVAC company in Lawrenceville, GA, contact Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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