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Yes, You Should Enroll in a Maintenance Plan—Here’s Why!

checklistIt’s probably safe to say that we tend to put more focus on our air conditioners than our heaters here in the Lawrenceville area. For good reason, too. After all, our summers are hot, sticky, and oppressive. But there is one big thing that your air conditioner and the heater has in common—the need for routine maintenance!

Look, however briefly you feel you actually use your heating system, the fact remains that you do use it, and when you run this HVAC system, you want it to cost as little as possible, right? After all, with all the work your air conditioner goes through you’re already paying enough for energy!

And this is why maintenance is so vital. But how do you remember to keep up with those maintenance appointments? Well, with a maintenance program of course! Read on as we uncover the benefits of enrolling in such a program.

How Enrolling in a Maintenance Agreement Can Help You Save

“Wait,” you might be wondering, “doesn’t it cost me money to enroll in an HVAC maintenance program? How will that cut down on costs?!”

We get it—nobody wants to spend more money than necessary. But what you pay to enroll in a program will actually pay you back in prevented repairs and more efficient performance. Read on as we uncover a few of the ways that the Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Club Maintenance Plan can save you money:

Fewer Repair Needs

Do you take care for oil changes, tire rotations, and alignments? You probably do, otherwise, your car wouldn’t be as reliable as it. Well, your HVAC system needs this same level of care in order for it to be as reliable as possible.

When you run your HVAC systems as hard as we do, wear and tear accumulates. But routine maintenance helps our technicians spot that wear and tear and alert you to it, before it turns into a huge emergency repair need. Maintenance can actually help you avoid up to 85% of the repair needs that your HVAC system may ever need in its lifespan!

Improved Energy Efficiency

All HVAC systems are rated for their particular level of efficiency—air conditioners with a SEER rating and furnaces with an AFUE rating. Maintenance isn’t going to magically boost the level of efficiency that your system came with, but what it does is help it maintain that efficiency!

In fact, without maintenance, an HVAC system loses about 5% of its original efficiency rating each year maintenance is skipped, whereas with maintenance you can expect your system to retain 95% of its original efficiency!

Wear and tear will impact efficiency, but maintenance helps with that too, as we highlighted in the above point.

Member-Only Benefits!

Maintenance in general allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your HVAC systems for improved performance and longer lifespans. Just maintenance alone will benefit your comfort and your wallet. But enrolling in our Club Maintenance Plan will boost your savings and convenience even more! In addition to two free precision tune-ups a year (one for your air conditioner and one for your heater), the Club Maintenance Plan affords customers:

  • 20% discounts on repairs*
  • Discounted diagnostic fee
  • 5% discount on equipment replacement
  • Free standard filter replacements

Don’t wait or take any chances on the performance of your HVAC systems—reach out to learn more about the many benefits of maintenance and how it will benefit your specific systems and home!

*Covers repairs listed in the UpFront Pricing Guide

Contact Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and ask about our Club Maintenance Plan!

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