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5 Reasons to Book an AC Tune-Up Today


Ahhh, spring in Georgia! Is there anything lovelier? But don’t forget that it’s also a warning sign: summer is coming, and you’ll soon be getting overheated. How can you be sure that your air conditioner is in peak condition for the hot months ahead? By getting a tune-up, of course. Here are 5 reasons why scheduling AC maintenance in Monroe, GA should be at the top of your springtime to-do list.

1: Reliability

An unmaintained air conditioner is an unknown quantity. Will it work when you try to start it up for the season? Will it make strange noises, cause puddles, or die spectacularly on the first truly hot day of the summer? Maintenance gives you the security of knowing your air conditioner will be reliable. Any minor issues will be addressed, there won’t be any lurking problems slowly worsening, and the whole system will be sparkling-clean and well-lubricated, ready for a season of hard work. This means you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve, rather than the constant low-grade worry that something could go wrong with your air conditioner at any time.

2: Efficiency

Air conditioners lose about 5% of their efficiency over the course of the cooling season. This means you’ll be paying a little more to get the same amount of cooling. And it adds up: five years without maintenance will give you an air conditioner that’s 25% less efficient. But getting a tune-up now will help to bring that efficiency right back up again, so you don’t pay any more than you need to for your home comfort.

3: Decreased Repair Needs

With that year’s worth of dust removed, with all moving parts lubricated to reduce friction, with all connections checked and tightened, there will be much less that can go wrong. You’ll start the summer with a perfectly-functioning system rather than one that’s already accumulated a lot of wear and tear. Annual maintenance can reduce air conditioner repair needs by 85%, which means you’ll avoid a whole lot of hassle and expense.

4: Increased Lifespan

Lack of maintenance is the biggest factor in when air conditioners need to be replaced. It can cut AC lifespan in half, causing you to deal with the logistic and financial burden of purchasing a new air conditioner in just five or six years rather than ten or twelve. To make sure your AC unit lives as long and healthy a life as possible, maintenance should be done every year.

5: Keeping It Under Warranty

Most air conditioner manufacturers include a requirement in their warranties that the units be maintained by a professional every year. If your unit is new or still under warranty, it can be very valuable to keep it that way. You might save a lot of money when the manufacturer covers the cost of repairs, parts, or even a total replacement. Keep that possibility open for yourself by having annual maintenance done so you don’t void your warranty.

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