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7 Sounds Your Air Conditioner Should NOT Make


We often use sight-related phrases in English. “See you later!” “Watch out!” But not everything is actually visual. If we say, “Here are some air conditioner problems to watch for,” or “Look out for these signs that your AC needs repair,” we wouldn’t be pointing you in the right direction. In fact, the first sign of an air conditioner problem is usually a noise. Here are some sounds you don’t want to hear your AC making.

1. Boom

A loud boom or bang when the cooling cycle first starts is probably the compressor hard-starting. This is not good! You really don’t want to damage your compressor, which is the most vital and most expensive part of the whole system. Chances are, this can be resolved with a capacitor to help smooth out the initial power draw when the air conditioner kicks on.

2. Clatter

A variety of things may rattle or clatter simply because they need to be more firmly tightened into place. Regardless of what component is rattling, having it repaired promptly can save you from the enormous pain of having that component come totally loose and cause damage to other parts of your air conditioner. A qualified technician can get to the source of the noise and resolve it before that happens.

3. Buzz

Don’t worry, it’s not bees … probably. Maybe something like a scrap of paper is caught inside somewhere and is vibrating as the air passes by. Or maybe the buzz is caused by a serious electrical issue. Because of this risk, it’s important to get it safely addressed by a professional so you don’t end up with an electrical fire hazard.

4. Hiss

Angry kittens? No, chances are, this is the sound of refrigerant, in its gaseous form, escaping through a worn or damaged section of the air conditioner’s coils. Lack of refrigerant causes all sorts of issues: poor performance, ice on the coils, skyrocketing electric bills, and even compressor strain. A technician can fix the damage and refill the refrigerant.

5. Bubble

This sound can also indicate a refrigerant leak. It’s the sound of pockets of air moving through the coils, where there shouldn’t be any air at all.

6. Whistle

To whistle with your mouth, you need to push air through a very small opening between your lips. When your HVAC system whistles, the same thing is happening somewhere in there. It might be a loose seal in the air conditioner or a crack in your ductwork, but if the air continues to escape, it will make it very hard for your AC to work properly.

7. Click

A minor click when the cooling cycle ends and shuts down is normal. But frequent, repeated clicking throughout the cycle is not a good sign. This tends to be an indicator that the air conditioner has an electrical problem, so don’t ignore it! For your safety, get AC repair in Loganville, GA.

Get in touch right away if you hear any of these sounds, or any other unusual or surprising noises from your air conditioner.

Reach out to Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. with any inquiries or to make an appointment.

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