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These AC Noises Mean Trouble


What in the world is that noise? Is that your air conditioner? You know it shouldn’t be making that sound, right? Well, never fear. We’re here to help. Your air conditioner doesn’t have many options for letting you know that something is wrong, but it certainly can make noise. If you’re hearing something funny or unexpected from your AC unit, check this handy list to find out why it might be doing that. 


That’s certainly a worrisome noise! Lucky for you, it tends to be made by a part that is pretty easy and not too costly to replace: the belt. Here’s the key, though: if your air conditioner’s belt is slipping out of place or wearing out, it can very suddenly cause much more significant damage to much more expensive components if it comes flying off its pulleys. Prompt repair can save you from big problems.


This is a very different sound from the last one, but it may have a very similar cause: a part coming loose. In this case, it’s likely to be the fan. Again, you don’t want it crashing around in there, so get it repaired before it comes completely loose. 


This is the sound of something escaping from somewhere. It could be a leak in your ductwork, but it’s probably refrigerant leaking from the coils. Other signs of a refrigerant leak are ice on the evaporator coils, decreased cooling power, and increased utility bills. Lack of refrigerant causes the compressor—the heart of the air conditioner, which pumps the refrigerant—to work overtime, and you don’t want to damage that! You need AC repair in Snellville, GA right away.


Electrical issues can often cause clicking noises. Because of the risk of electrical shock, don’t try to inspect your air conditioner yourself to find the source of the noise. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to address electrical AC problems safely, so leave this work to the professionals.


Hard-starting, or coming on with a boom instead of a hum, indicates compressor problems. As we’ve already said, the compressor is the most critical component, without which your refrigerant won’t move and your air conditioner is just a very expensive fan. 

Any Other Surprising Noises

If you pay attention to the regular sounds of your air conditioner operating—the whir of the fan and the hum of the compressor—you’ll start to notice quickly when something sounds different. If you hear a new noise, or your air conditioner seems to be operating much more loudly than it should, don’t ignore it. Getting a technician to take a look sooner rather than later can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Our team is always happy to listen to your questions and come do repairs, or just offer information or reassurance. Sometimes a little advice is all you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Reach out to Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for all your air conditioner repair needs.

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