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Have You Heard about the Daikin Inverter Air Conditioner?

First off, what is an inverter air conditioner? We are glad you asked!

In a standard air conditioner, the compressor has two modes: on, and off. When the system is on, it’s working at full capacity and consumes full electricity and energy that it is designed to consume. Once the temperature in your home reaches the desired temperature on your thermostat, the compressor shuts off.

Inverter technology, however, essentially functions like the accelerator in a vehicle. When the compressor needs more power, the inverter gives it more. When the compressor needs less power, the inverter gives it less. Why does this matter?

The Benefits of Inverter Air Conditioning

A Daikin inverter air conditioner uses less energy to do its job than a single speed, standard air conditioner. In fact, it can save you 30-50% of electricity over a standard setup. This decreased consumption of energy means a direct decrease in what you’re spending to cool your home from month to month.

Any air conditioner uses most of its energy shutting the compressor on and off. But with inverter air conditioning, the compressor never shuts off. It simply uses less power than a single-speed system.

Another great advantage of an inverter air conditioner installation is the decrease in noise pollution! As outlined in the video we’ve included below, a Daikin inverter air conditioner is designed to operate under 50 decibels.

What does that mean? Well, you won’t be hearing the high pitched, whiny, and disruptive noise that the outdoor units of central air conditioners are unfortunately known for.

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