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Don’t Forget to Have Your AC Maintained (If You Haven’t Already)


It’s easy for things to get away from us as the seasons rush by. Before you know it, summer is half gone and you haven’t gotten AC maintenance done! Should you put it off until next year? Definitely not! There are many reasons to have maintenance done on your air conditioner every single year, even if you didn’t get it done before summer really started. 


When your technician comes to provide air conditioning service in Snellville, GA, they will ensure that your AC unit works as effectively as possible. Things like low airflow, loss of refrigerant, misaligned parts, poorly-calibrated thermostats, and dusty, unlubricated components overheating will make it so that your air conditioner simply can’t put out the amount of cool air you need. Maintenance will give you the cool comfort you deserve all throughout your home.


During a year’s hard work, your air conditioner’s efficiency decreases. The dust insulates components that really need good air circulation, making them work harder. The lubricant wears away, causing increased friction in moving parts. All of this means your compressor, which pressurizes the refrigerant to circulate it through the system, will be working harder and running more of the time. This translates directly to an increase in your electric bill. But with maintenance, the efficiency can be brought right back up, so you don’t pay more than necessary for your cooling.

Avoiding Repairs

The cleaning and lubrication your technician provides will help cut down on wear and tear and overheating, which can lead to breakdowns and repairs becoming necessary. But it’s more than just that! They will also inspect and test every component—fan, motor, belt, coils, electrical connections, thermostat and more—so that if a small issue is developing anywhere within the system, it can be caught before it causes a big problem. And you definitely don’t want a big problem to happen to your air conditioner in Georgia in August!

System Lifespan

With annual maintenance, a traditional central air conditioning system should easily keep running for over a decade. It may last twelve or even fifteen years. But without maintenance, that estimated lifespan drops dramatically. A neglected system can burn itself out in five to seven years, forcing you to purchase a replacement well before you should have to. This is because all the factors we’ve previously mentioned will put a lot of strain on the compressor, the most precious component, without which your air conditioner becomes just the world’s most expensive fan. 

Warranty Compliance

Air conditioners come with warranties that establish certain protections for the consumer. The manufacturer may be liable for some costs, such as the replacement of a component, if they come up during the period of time that the warranty covers. But warranty agreements almost always specify that the unit must be professionally maintained every year. Without that maintenance, the manufacturer will not cover any costs.

So don’t postpone it any further! Schedule AC maintenance today.

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