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Never Neglect These Signs You Need Furnace Repair

heating-ventImagine it’s the coldest day of winter, and you want into your home after a long day out to discover it’s practically no warmer inside than it was outside. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with chilly temperatures for very much longer at the time of this blog post. But that certainly doesn’t mean you should neglect any signs you need furnace repair.

Holding off on furnace repairs could mean you find yourself facing a severe problem with the system by the end of winter, potentially even in the form of a premature breakdown. But how can you tell if your furnace needs repair?

Costly Energy Bills

We understand this is sort of subjective. Won’t your energy bills automatically be higher in the winter when you’re using your heating system the most? Well, yes, but what we want you to watch out for are bills that are much higher than they should be.

Are you paying more to heat your home than you were this same time last year? How about in comparison to your neighbors? If you’re paying a lot more, it’s a sign that something is causing your heater to work inefficiently, and it deserves a professional check-up.

You Detect Foul Odors

Smells coming from the furnace or the vents of your heater indicate that something is amiss. It might be something relatively minor such as a dirty air filter that needs to be cleaned. But if the smell is acrid then you should beware—it could be electrical in nature. The best thing you can do is turn off your furnace for the time being and call for immediate heating services.

Loud Noises from the System

Is your furnace making funny noises? It may be something like clanging or banging—which indicates something has come loose inside the system and needs repair. Another possibility is that you have a loose panel that needs tightening, but it’s always a good idea to have this checked out by a professional.

If you hear something like hissing, dripping, grinding, or groaning, it’s time to give your furnace a little love by calling for professional repairs.

Yellow Pilot Light

“Wait, isn’t that the color a flame is supposed to be?” Nope, not if the source of the flame is your pilot light! The burner of your furnace should be burning blue. If this isn’t the case and you instead notice a yellow flame, it’s time to give us a call as something is definitely wrong with your heating system.

Reduced Air Quality

There are many factors that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. For instance, this time of the year usually leaves us with dry air, which can lead to a number of issues for your health and your property. A whole-house humidifier installation will combat this.

Problems with your furnace’s ductwork, though, can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Breached air ducts can allow allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants to make their way into the air you breathe. This is particularly harmful if anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma.

For professional furnace repair in Duluth, GA and beyond, contact Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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