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These Sounds Indicate You Need AC Repair


Air conditioners make noise. They’re full of moving parts. Motors run, fans turn, and cool breezes whoosh out into your home. Ideally, though, they shouldn’t be terribly loud, and the sounds they make should be consistent. But what if your AC unit makes more noise than it used to? What if it suddenly makes a new noise? Here are some of the sounds that you should keep an ear out for to help you gauge whether you might be in the market for AC repair in Buford, GA.

Running Water

An air conditioner’s regular sounds should be easily distinguishable from the sounds of your dishwasher or kitchen faucet. When you hear the rush of running water, it’s likely a problem with the refrigerant running through your air conditioning system. This needs to be addressed promptly, by a qualified technician who is licensed to handle refrigerants.


A rattle or clatter is another sound to address promptly. If it sounds like cans dancing merrily behind a car that says “just married,” the fan is the probable culprit. When it is off-kilter, it can be quite noisy, and a professional adjustment can prevent it from struggling to run at the wrong angle, potentially damaging itself in the process and requiring replacement if left out of alignment. 


A whistle is most likely to indicate a problem with a valve, and a technician can easily fix this. Left unattended, though, a small valve problem can cause strain to the system and bigger problems down the line.


A screech or squeal can be caused by a problem with the belt or the fan of your AC unit. These are not terribly expensive components, and having them replaced promptly can mean keeping the rest of the components functional for longer.


This is a serious one, because it may be caused by an electrical problem. Do not attempt to diagnose or fix this yourself, because there is a risk of electrocution. This needs to be assessed by someone who is trained and experienced.


Rest easy: it’s unlikely that a nest of snakes has taken up residence in your AC unit. Rather, hissing is likely to be a symptom of a leak in the refrigerant or in an internal valve. It is also possible that a hiss could mean a compressor problem, which can be quite serious. A professional technician can determine the cause and safely address it.


This one is also likely to be an indicator of a compressor problem. The compressor is like the circulatory system of your AC unit, pumping refrigerant the way your heart pumps blood. The AC simply won’t work without it, and having the compressor repaired promptly might save you the expense and bother of replacing the entire system.

Whatever the cause of your air conditioner’s unhappy noises, our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will give you answers, excellent service, and, most importantly, continued cool air to keep you comfortable.

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