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Why You Need to Regularly Change the AC’s Filter


Air conditioner filters collect dust, allergens, and other tiny particles as air passes through them. With time, those particles collect and can clog a filter if it’s not changed regularly. Standard air filters are designed to last for up to one month, but there are some filters that last up to three months. You may find that you need to change your AC’s filters a bit more often because they fill up a bit faster. 

If you don’t change your filter regularly, your AC won’t work efficiently and may have a shortened lifespan. You know how much you depend on your air conditioning in Monroe, GA, and you don’t want to experience a breakdown in the middle of summer. Let’s take a closer look at what can happen if your AC filter isn’t changed regularly. 

Higher Operational Costs

It costs more to operate a poorly maintained AC. The more debris stuck on the filter, the harder your system must work to keep cool air flowing through your home. Working harder means using more energy, and that results in higher bills for your household. 

Reduced Ventilation Airflow 

You need a steady supply of well-balanced airflow for your air conditioning to run efficiently. Well-balanced means that the amount of air pulled into your AC and the amount of air delivered to your home are equal. 

A clogged AC filter makes it much harder for air to pass through, reducing the amount of cool air making it into your home. That imbalance will make your system work harder, increasing your energy bills and leading to unnecessary repair costs. 

Reduced Cooling Capacity 

As your system works harder and harder to operate with a clogged filter, you will start noticing less cool air circulating in your home. Your system simply can’t keep up with the intense demand for air conditioning if it has a clogged filter for an extended period. 

Tripped Circuit Breakers 

Clogged filters will eventually lead your AC to overheat, which will trip the circuit breaker. If you continue to flip the breaker back on without correcting the problem, you could do substantial damage to your AC. Overheating is a serious concern, so don’t just keep flipping the breaker. Contact our professionals to inspect your AC for damage. 

Frozen Evaporator Coil 

When your AC is functioning properly, warm air blows over the evaporator coil. The refrigerant inside the coil absorbs heat from that air, creating the cold air that then flows through the vents. When your system isn’t working efficiently due to a clogged filter, warm air doesn’t flow freely over the coil. The result is a frozen evaporator coil, which results in no cool air coming into your home. 

AC Unit Damage

Finally, dust and dirt can accumulate inside your AC unit when you don’t have a clear, functioning filter in place. That dirt can lead to substantial damage, so you will have repair bills or possibly an early system replacement in the future. It’s always more affordable to change the filter than to pay those bills. 

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