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Why You Don’t Want Your Air Conditioner to be the Wrong Size


Summer is here in Georgia! The warmer weather means more homeowners in Monroe are thinking about adding air conditioning units to their homes.

From model to AC type, there are so many things to consider when choosing a new air conditioning system. However, one of the things people tend to forget? Air conditioner size.

Having a correctly-sized air conditioner can be the difference between a summer of cool bliss or a sweltering headache. Here are 4 reasons why you don’t want to choose the wrong size for your air conditioning installation in Monroe, GA.

Too Much Power

An AC unit that’s too large for your home will have too much power.

While having more power sounds like a good thing, it actually causes your air conditioner to short-cycle. Since the space cools down faster, your thermostat will force the unit to shut down before your AC has completed the full cycle. If your unit is too large, this can happen up to several times an hour.

Constant short cycling burdens your system and can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your new air conditioner.


If your AC unit is too small, it will have trouble cooling down your home. It will be constantly running in an effort to keep your home at the right temperature. Not only will your home feel warm, but the extra strain on the unit will create unnecessary energy costs and create more wear on your unit.

On the other hand, ACs that are too large won’t cool your house down evenly. As a result, some areas of your home can be significantly colder (or warmer) than others. The frequent short cycling of an oversized AC means some areas won’t cool before the system shuts down.

AC Unit Damage

Short cycling or constantly running your air-conditioning unit can cause wear and tear on your system quicker than a correctly sized AC. More importantly, short cycling puts unnecessary strain on your unit.

Increased Costs

Running your undersized air conditioner 24/7 in the summer can result in some pretty large electricity bills. The constant use will also wear on your unit faster. Meanwhile, oversized ACs are also more likely to fail due to short cycling.

This increased wear and tear on an incorrectly-sized unit will also cause you to repair or even replace your AC system more frequently. Air conditioners are expensive, so it’s important that you’re choosing a unit that won’t cost you more than necessary.

Getting the right sized air conditioner for your space

Getting the wrong sized AC can be detrimental, but choosing the right system for your home is easier than you might think. The best way to determine the right size AC unit is to do a load calculation.

Load calculations

When choosing a new AC unit, have a heating and cooling professional do a load calculation for your home. A load calculation assesses different factors in your home, such as size, insulation, heat generated by windows and appliances, and much more. Together these will help a licensed HVAC pro easily determine how large or small an AC you’ll need for your space. 

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