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BRR! It’s on it’s way, Grayson, Lawrenceville, and Snellville!



Brr!  Have you looked at the 5 day forecast for Loganville, Dacula, Suwanee or all of Gwinnett County?  We have!
It’s COLD!!!!
Wednesday we are looking at a HIGH of 39 – that’s right a HIGH! And Thursday, it’s supposed to be 30 with a low of 13!!!
Some simple things to know about your HVAC units:
*If you have a heat pump and temperatures go below 32, your unit will go into emergency heat – it’s not a gas furnace…It won’t heat like a furnace.
*Remember last year during the cold snap, some of the municipalities had gas issues. It might affect us again.
*If you have a unit in your attic with a condensate line, open your attic door a little so that line doesn’t freeze. That line freezing could cause water issues and also apply the emergency shutoff so your unit won’t be working at all.
*If your power goes out, first off even with a gas furnace, you will not have heat. Gas furnaces have electric blowers and also electric ignitions. Shut off your units at the thermostat. If your thermostat is blank, shut it off at the light switch by your unit. When the power is restored, the power surge could ruin your systems. Remember how they always told us to unplug our computers or use power plugs. Same reason.
If your outside unit is covered in ice, do NOT try to break off the ice.
Call us if you are having any problems, concerns or need to have your furnace/heat pump serviced or repaired!
Karen and Deb are taking calls at 770-736-5207
Remember to be careful with these temperatures!  Frost bite starts fast!

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