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“Help! My Cooling System Won’t Cool”

family sitting in front of fans cooling offWhen it comes to figuring out exactly what is wrong with a malfunctioning air conditioner, you need the assistance of a trained professional. And in our neck of the woods, we understand how essential it is that a broken down air conditioner be fixed ASAP. Ideally, you’ve already had maintenance done, and you won’t need to deal with this problem at all this summer.

However, chances are if you are reading this blog post, you’re likely already in need of air conditioning repair in Snellville, GA. So, although you’ve probably guess correctly that what we’re going to say next is, “give our technicians a call and we’ll be over right away,” we can give you an idea of what to expect in the meantime, as far as what might be wrong with your cooling system.

First, Check the Thermostat

One of the most common repair calls we get is in regards to a cooling system that won’t cool. And while it may seem obvious, our first suggestion is always to check the thermostat before calling an HVAC professional out. The thing is, your AC problem might not be a problem with the actual system at all.

Someone in your household might have unintentionally turned the thermostat up a few degrees—or they might have done it on purpose if they have a different level of comfort than you do. It could even be that your air conditioner got switched to “fan only” mode, and will only circulate air instead of cooling it.

Change Your Air Filter!

There’s a relatively common misconception that the air filter that comes standard with any HVAC system is there to protect your indoor air from contaminants. But the actual purpose of this air filter is to protect the interior components of your air conditioner. And if it gets too blocked up, it won’t allow the right amount of airflow through, leading to air that’s not cool enough for you.

You May Have an Evaporator Coil Problem

The problem you may be facing could be a frozen evaporator coil. This component is the portion of your air conditioner where heat is drawn from the air and cooled down. Ice may seem like a normal part of the process, but trust us when we say it isn’t.

This ice actually blocks the coil from absorbing heat. The ice can be a result of low refrigerant, because of leaks, or even too much dirt and grime on the coil.

Failed Compressor Motors

The fan within your cooling system’s air handler may be working fine, sending air out through your ductwork system. However, if the outdoor compressor isn’t functioning due to failed capacitors or a failed motor, then you won’t receive any cooling at all.

Our technicians will check on the problem for repair, but if the compressor has burnt out it will need to be replaced. And replacing the compressor usually means replacing the whole air conditioner, considering what a vital role the compressor plays in its functionality.

A Broken Condenser Fan

The outdoor unit of your AC system contains a fan, which is responsible for drawing in outdoor air. That air flow over the condenser coil so heat can be released outside. If the fan isn’t work, then no heat can be released, and as a result the refrigerant won’t cool down and the air conditioner can’t do its job. Be sure to call in a professional if you suspect any problems with this fan.

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