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How Long Will My Furnace Last?


Since you know how hard your furnace works to keep you cozy all winter, it’s no surprise that it won’t last forever. But you certainly don’t want furnace failure and the need for replacement to come as a sudden surprise. It can help to have a general idea of how long a furnace’s life can be. And while you definitely want to prolong that life and postpone replacing the furnace, you also don’t want to keep using a furnace that is a safety hazard, or one that has become so inefficient that it is costing you a lot more than it used to in energy usage.

How long can you expect your furnace to live, and how can you get the most out of it while avoiding excessive utility bills or safety risks? Here are some pointers.

Electric Furnaces Last Longer than Gas

While a gas furnace can last fifteen years or so, electric furnaces can last more than twenty. This longevity helps to balance out the fact that electric furnaces are usually more expensive than gas-burning models.

Make and Model Matter

Chances are, you have a furnace with an ENERGY STAR rating, which means it is a high-quality piece of equipment. But if you have an old furnace, a second-hand furnace, or one that was in your home when you bought it, you might not know whether it was ENERGY STAR-rated or even how old it is. Some older furnaces simply weren’t made to the standards of today’s equipment.

Professional Installation is Critical

Professionals who have spent years doing furnace installations are also the same people who are called in when furnaces need repair or replacement. These technicians have seen the results of improper amateur installation, and they know the pitfalls to avoid. Problems with installation are a major cause of furnace failure and shortened furnace life.

Maintenance Makes the Biggest Difference

A furnace might only live half its expected lifetime if it is never maintained. Not only will it need to be replaced much sooner, it will require more repairs while it is operational. It will also decrease in efficiency every year, costing you more in utility bills. With annual maintenance, your furnace is likely to last its full fifteen-to-twenty-year lifetime, possibly even longer, and it will continue to be safe and efficient.

Repairs Should Be Done Promptly

If you are concerned that something might be wrong with your furnace, don’t force it to keep limping along while the problem continues to worsen. Get prompt furnace repair in Duluth, GA. Repairs are most effective, and generally less expensive, when they’re done as soon as a problem arises.

When Your Furnace Needs Replacement

If repairs and maintenance still leave your furnace frustratingly inefficient, if expensive repairs would be required but your furnace is well over a decade old, or if you notice corrosion on the furnace, it’s time to replace it. And remember, when you do get a new furnace, professional installation will set you up for a long lifetime of furnace success.

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