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It’s Already Time for Heating Maintenance


While autumn activities are barely beginning, and autumn weather hasn’t hit yet, it’s time to get prepared for colder days. This might mean locating the box of sweaters you put away last spring, or swapping a screen door for a storm door.

While you’re getting ready for the weather to change, one thing you absolutely must not forget is heating maintenance. Here’s why.


Safety is our top priority when it comes to our customers and their heating systems. Of course, safety is your top priority for your family as well. Having heating maintenance done will keep your heating system running safely. This is primarily a concern for fuel-burning heaters, such as gas, propane, or oil furnaces.

For example, you probably wouldn’t notice a crack in the heat exchanger until your carbon monoxide detectors went off, forcing you to evacuate in a hurry. But a qualified heating technician can catch a problem like that before things get serious. And while that’s not a risk with an electric heater, there are safety concerns with those as well, such as electrical fire hazards. Maintenance will ensure that you can keep cozy all winter with total peace of mind.


Nobody wants to pay extra when their heating bill comes due! Last winter’s hard work has led to wear and tear, dusty buildup, and decreased lubrication in your heating system, and all those things mean it has to work harder to get its job done. That means using more energy. With maintenance, anything worn or torn can be fixed, dust will be cleaned away, and moving parts will be thoroughly lubricated so they slide smoothly. Your heater’s efficiency will improve, and you can keep your bills down.


When your heater is functioning well, there are actually two benefits. The first is that your comfort will be enhanced: you won’t be dealing with excessive temperature fluctuations or hot and cold spots in your home, and your indoor air quality will even be better once all that dusty buildup has been removed. And the other aspect of this is reduced need for repairs. When your heater is well-maintained, there will rarely be problems, let alone major breakdowns, and your heater is vastly more likely to make it through the winter without anything needing to be fixed.


A gas heater is likely to be reaching the end of its life around fifteen years of age. An electric heater will usually last longer, more like twenty years or even a little bit past that.

But how are those estimates calculated? Well, they’re based on heaters being maintained every year. A neglected heating system won’t last nearly as long. In fact, the lifespan of a heater that has never had heater service in Monroe, GA might only be half of what it should be. Imagine paying for a new heating system twice as often—what an outrageous expense!

Don’t delay! Schedule fall heating maintenance today.

Reach out to Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to make an appointment.

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