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What to Do If Your Furnace Won’t Come On


It’s almost that time of year again: autumn, when the weather turns crisp, and you start to think you might need your furnace soon. But are you prepared for the cold weather? Is your furnace prepared? If the cold hits and you need to crank up the heat, will the furnace come on? What will you do if it doesn’t?

We’ve got you covered. Just follow this checklist. 

The Power

If it’s a sunny day, you might not see right away if the power has gone out. The furnace refusing to come on might be the first indication that something is wrong. Before you do anything else, make sure the power is on in your house. Even gas furnaces require a little bit of electricity to start up.

The Electrical Panel

Take a quick peek in your electrical panel, also known as the circuit breaker box. If the furnace, or something else plugged into the same circuit, overloaded the circuit, you’ll find a flipped switch in the electrical panel. Reset it and try the furnace again, but if it trips the circuit breaker once more, you’ll need furnace service in Loganville, GA to determine why your heating system is trying to draw so much power.

The Thermostat

A mischievous child, a curious pet, or an accidental elbow can bump your thermostat’s setting from “heat” to “off” or even “cool” and make your furnace fail to come on when it gets cold. Another possibility is that a set program has been activated, such as a vacation setting that keeps the house at a lower temperature at times when the house is expected to be empty.

The Pilot Light

A gas-burning furnace’s pilot light should always have a blue flame. If the flame is any other color, such as green, yellow, or orange, or if the pilot light is not coming on, get a heating technician to take a look right away. This can be a safety issue, so don’t delay.

The Gas Line

If it’s the first time of the season that you need heat, and none of these other steps have resolved your problem, check the gas line. There’s a valve that should be shut in the springtime and reopened in the fall. If the gas line valve hasn’t been opened, or is stuck shut, your furnace won’t come on.

Time for Furnace Repair

If you’ve checked all these things and your furnace still won’t come on, it’s time for professional heating assistance. If you want to avoid these concerns altogether—and also ensure that your furnace will be ready to operate efficiently and effectively this winter—make certain to schedule your annual furnace maintenance. Having this done before you need your heat to come on is the best way to avoid repairs and keep your furnace running smoothly for as long as possible.

Whether you need maintenance or repair, whether your furnace is gas or electric, a member of our team will be happy to help.

Reach out to Wall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to make an appointment.

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