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Should You Go Ductless?


Back in the 1970s, it became common for newly-constructed homes to be built with a system of ductwork. This made it possible for these new houses to use the central air conditioners that were becoming so popular. But this is no longer the only option for cooling homes. Although many homes do still use these traditional central AC units, there have been some major innovations in the HVAC industry in the last half-century. Ductless systems are one of the options for air conditioning now, and for many people, they’re the perfect choice. Are they right for you?

How Ductless Systems Work

A traditional air conditioner consists of a condenser unit outside of the home and an evaporator unit inside. A blower fan causes air to pass over the evaporator coils, which are full of cold refrigerant, and that cooled air then continues to flow through the ductwork and out into the home.

In a ductless system, there is still a condenser unit outdoors. This is where the heat absorbed when the refrigerant was in the home is allowed to dissipate. But when that now-cooled refrigerant heads indoors, the ductless system is different from the central one. It’s decentralized! The refrigerant heads to separate air handlers in different parts of the home, which are wall-mounted units that each have their own remote control.

Heating and Cooling

A ductless system can simply be an air conditioner. But it can also be connected to a heat pump, which works just like an air conditioner in that heat is moved via refrigerant from one place to another. However, with a heat pump, the flow of the refrigerant can go either way. During the winter, it can be switched to absorb heat from outdoors (yes, even in very cool temperatures!) and carry it in to keep your house cozy. 

A Great Choice for Many Situations

A ductless air conditioner or heat pump system is extremely efficient. That each air handler has its own thermostat means that you won’t waste energy keeping unoccupied rooms at the same perfect temperature as those rooms where you spend all your time. The versatility of the system makes it a perfect fit for many unusual homes and scenarios that require air conditioning installation in Monroe, GA.

  • Heat and AC: If you’re looking to replace both your air conditioner and your heater in the near future, a ductless heat pump could provide everything you need with one-stop shopping.
  • Homes Without Ducts: These systems make it so you can have an evenly-cooled home even though it was never built with central AC in mind.
  • Homes with Damaged Ducts: In those first homes built with ductwork, those ducts have been deteriorating for decades. Even more recently-constructed ducts may have been damaged due to anything from accidents during remodeling to infestations of rodents. If you would need to replace your ductwork to have a functional central AC system, ductless might be a better choice.
  • Additions to a Home: Sometimes, a growing family or the starting of an in-home business leads homeowners to build additions. Sometimes a space that was formerly a garage or attic is enclosed and insulated to use as living or working space. A ductless air conditioner can deliver comfort to that space without the need for adding ductwork and using up that precious space.

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