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Surprising Causes of Problems With Your AC


We see air conditioner troubles every day. Some of them are quite common, and no one is surprised. Others can come as quite a surprise to the customer, and sometimes even to the technician. But no matter what the problem is, and no matter how it was caused, you deserve to have your home at a comfortable temperature and we want to help you get it there.

Here are some of the less common air conditioning issues that we sometimes run into. How surprised would you be to discover these?

Sinking Slabs

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner sits on a slab of concrete that was installed to keep the unit stable and level. On rare occasions, that slab settles into the ground, which can cause problems for the air conditioner. All the connections were set up with the unit at a certain height, and they can be compromised if the unit shifts. This can happen if the drainage line is allowing condensation from the air conditioning process to pool around the slab, or just from generally muddy conditions or poor drainage in that part of your yard. 

It’s sometimes possible to shore up that slab and add sand to stabilize it. In some situations, though, a new slab will need to be put down.

Moisture Problems

These can take several forms. Of course, air conditioners do produce some moisture in the form of condensation on the coils. This should be collected and directed away from your home with a condensate pan and drainage tube. But sometimes that system fails for one reason or another, and that moisture gets into the area around your air conditioner. Sometimes moisture collects inside of ductwork, if it has low spots that allow water to pool. Either of these places could develop a mold problem from that moisture. Regular maintenance can help to ensure that when a small problem develops, it gets fixed before it can cause bigger problems. The stability of the unit could be compromised if the structure supporting it is softened or rotted by water, and the electrical components can also be damaged.

One last odd moisture problem: air handlers of ductless systems can actually begin to peel away from the wall they’re mounted on because of moisture. It’s rare, but it can happen, and yes, it can be fixed. 


Ductwork is a tempting place for pests to inhabit, and it’s all too easy for sharp rodent teeth and claws to do damage. The resulting holes or cracks can allow precious cool air to go to waste and make you pay a lot more for your air conditioning while wondering why it’s not working as well as it used to.

There’s an even stranger problem animals can cause. When the outdoor unit isn’t doing its job well, we often suspect the coils are dirty or clogged with debris. But sometimes, they’re clogged with nests and pests! Bees, wasps, ants, rodents, and even snakes have been known to make their homes in AC units.

If you suspect you need AC maintenance or repair, we’re always happy to help, no matter how strange the problem turns out to be!

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