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Why Is the Heater Unevenly Heating My Home?


It’s important to be able to be warm, no matter where in your home you are. One of the most annoying heating problems is having parts of your home be an ideal temperature while others never quite get warm enough. Clearly, the heater is running … so why won’t those spaces warm up?

As the weather gets chillier, you deserve to be comfortable and cozy throughout your home. There are a variety of reasons why your heating system might not be distributing heat evenly. Here are the most likely possibilities.

Clogged Air Filter

If your heating system forces hot air through ducts, there’s an air filter that’s designed to protect the heater from dust and grit infiltrating its inner workings. This filter needs to be changed every month when your heater is getting a lot of use. A clogged filter will impede airflow and limit the amount of heat that can make it out your vents. Before you do anything else, check that air filter.

Troublesome Thermostat

A miscalibrated thermostat may be sending incorrect information about the temperature of your home, and it can easily be recalibrated by a technician. A loose electrical connection in your thermostat could be sending information inconsistently as the connection is made and then lost. Your technician can determine the exact issue and get it corrected.

Duct Damage

The ducts that carry your heated air to the vents in your home need to be properly sealed. A crack, hole, or other damage or deterioration can cause heat to escape before it reaches the vent, heating places like your attic instead of your living space. If the damage is in one particular section of duct, the rest of the vents will receive heat while that one will receive lukewarm air or listless airflow.

Zone Control Mayhem

A zone control system uses dampers to open and close various sections of ductwork to give you precise control over the temperature in different parts of your home. If a damper has become stuck, your vent will no longer respond to your thermostat’s direction. 

Short Cycling

While several different problems can cause short cycling, the result is the same. The heater will come on but shut down almost immediately. It will try to begin another heating cycle just moments later, only to shut down again. What little hot air is being created is unable to be evenly distributed throughout your home. This also wastes energy and drives up your heating bill, so get heating repair in Loganville, GA right away.

Boiler Malfunction

If, instead of a forced-air system, you have a boiler for home heating, the reasons for uneven warmth will be different. A failing circulator pump can cause an insufficient amount of hot water to reach certain registers or radiators. Or a leak could have lowered the quantity of water in the system to the point that it simply can’t circulate properly. 

Whatever heating system you have, and whatever trouble you’re having with it, our team is ready to get it sorted out for you.

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