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5 Reasons That NOW is the Time to Replace Your Inefficient HVAC System

1. Lowering Your Utility Bills
Whether you realize it or not, your current furnace could be costing you more than it should in heating bills. If your furnace is 15-20 years old, it’s probably not heating your home as efficiently as the newer models with higher AFUE ratings. Even if your heating system has been replaced within the last ten years, the technology has advanced enough to consider an upgrade.
2. Fewer Repairs
Repair costs can add up if you are constantly repairing your furnace. Routine maintenance for your furnace can help reduce the need for repairs, but as furnaces age, they tend to need more repairs and replacement parts. If you need frequent repairs for your furnace, it may be time to replace it with a newer one.
3. More Consistent Heat
While maintaining consistent temperatures throughout your home involves several factors, such as insulation and thermostat control, your furnace could also be the reason you aren’t getting enough heat to all parts of the house. If some rooms are colder than others, or if your heating bills have recently gone up, it may be time for a furnace replacement.
4. Safety
There’s higher potential for safety concerns with older or poorly maintained furnaces. In addition to fire hazards, carbon monoxide poisoning is another serious threat. When the heat exchanger stops working because it’s corroded or faulty, carbon monoxide can leak into the home. If you’ve had your furnace for more than 20 years, it could create safety hazards that you may be unaware of.
5. 25 Months 0% Interest with 25 Equal Monthly Payments
We know some of you are waiting for a great opportunity to switch from your old inefficient heating and air conditioning system. For a limited time, we have 0% interest for 25 months (with approved credit). 25 equal monthly payments required. No lengthy applications and approvals within minutes!

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