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5 Top Reasons to Hire a Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractor

Believe us we know that as a Licensed and Insured HVAC contractor, we will not have the best pricing against these “fly-by-nighters”. But we feel the reasons far outweigh the pricing they can give to a homeowner.

1.  Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractors will be there in the years ahead. They are not “fly-by-nighters”. They have done what is required to be a “real” business. Licensed contractors won’t have the prices that “fly-by-nighters” have, but they will be there for any warranty or problems you may experience.

2.  You could be liable if the “fly-by-nighter” gets injured doing the work at your home. That’s right, without the license and insurance that a legitimate HVAC Contractor is required to have, you are liable for injuries on your property.

3.  You could be violating the law. Not only isn’t this “fly-by-nighter” not paying the proper taxes and permit costs to your locality, you can’t be sure where your new equipment came from.

4.  You void any equipment warranty. Manufacturer’s require a licensed contractor to install HVAC equipment in order for your warranty to be upheld. It is being suggested that the license number of the contractor will be required in order to register for your warranty.

5.  Safety for your family. Last but in no way least! If your “fly-by-nighter” doesn’t do your wiring properly or your ventilation properly, you could be risking your family’s health and safety.

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