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Why You Need Professionals to Size New Commercial HVAC Installations


Your business or commercial building needs an HVAC upgrade, perhaps a new air conditioner or heating system. Can you simply estimate what you’ll need, hope for the best, and install a system based on your guess? Definitely not. 

The process of commercial HVAC installation has to begin with a thorough assessment of the commercial space so the proper system can be selected. The size of a commercial HVAC system must be correct for the space, or major problems can result. This requires a qualified professional technician. Here’s why.

Undersized HVAC Units

If you get a system that isn’t big enough for your building, the most obvious result will be that you don’t get the climate control you need. An undersized air conditioner will leave the building uncomfortably warm, or there will be hot spots where the cool air never reaches. An undersized heating system will leave the building, or parts of it, much too chilly.

But the problems don’t stop there. Your HVAC system will continue to get the signal from the thermostat that the temperature isn’t correct yet. The system will keep running and running, trying—and failing—to make the building comfortable. HVAC systems are designed to run in cycles, not constantly, and this continuous effort will cause expensive energy waste, wear and tear, frequent repair needs, and shortened system life.

Oversized HVAC Units

If your HVAC system is too big, designed for a larger building than the one you put it into, the air pressures can damage your existing ductwork. There will also be expensive energy waste, wear and tear, frequent repair needs, and shortened system life, but not for the same reason.

The building will be brought up to temperature very quickly, ending the cycle prematurely, but the thermostat will very soon call for the HVAC system to turn on again. These short cycles mean constant start-ups, and the start-up is the most energy-intensive and high-strain part of the cycle. Going through that process twice as often as the system was designed to, or more, will waste energy and wreak havoc.

The Professional Process

When you work with a contractor specifically experienced in commercial buildings and their HVAC systems, they’ll have extensive knowledge about assessing your building’s needs and a tried-and-true process for making sure your system is sized correctly.

After assessing the space and existing systems, your commercial HVAC expert will plan a solution to your HVAC needs. They will take into account not just efficiency and effectiveness but also zoning laws and building codes and regulations. The selection of new equipment will be a thoughtful process, and your input will be valued.

The installation itself can be a lengthy process, depending on how much of your old system requires replacement and how large your building is. When your technicians are experts in commercial HVAC in Duluth, GA, they will know how to minimize the impact of this process, maintaining workflow and avoiding interruptions to your business.

Having a system that is sized correctly and installed professionally will give you consistent comfort and help you avoid unnecessarily high utility bills. And having an HVAC contractor you can rely on in the future for maintenance and repair will give you peace of mind.

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